Monday, February 15, 2016

Gigastrand OS 2.x Google Chrome Error

Some of you who regularly update your system might have seen the following error in Chrome:

Google Chrome error

Google Chrome error in Gigastrand OS

We know exactly why this is happening: Google has decided to stop supporting 32-bit Linux operating systems by sometime in March. This means you will stop receiving updates to Chrome after a certain point and it will eventually stop working for some things.

What we have tried: Gigastrand has been experimenting with the multi-architecture (multiarch) feature of Gigastrand OS 2.x to try installing Google Chrome 64-bit on the system so that our customers can keep going with the 32-bit operating system some require for their systems.

While this is theoretically possible, it requires a complete revamp of the operating system itself as many of the dependencies required for Chrome are shared with other programs and would need to be replaced with 64-bit versions.

Internally, we need a version of Gigastrand OS that will run on older hardware, we are planning to develop a 32-bit version of 3.0 that will allow 64-bit only programs like Chrome to run. However, we are uncertain what the result might be.

Solution: Until then, you can still use Chrome in 2.x, you can use Firefox, or you can upgrade to Gigastrand OS 3.0 which includes the 64-bit version of Chrome.


Gigastrand OS 2.x Google Chrome Error

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Gigastrand OS Network Video Recorder 16ch

Gigastrand Network Video Recorder Available for Pre-order (product ships February 29)

Also includes USB camera for a limited time!

The Gigastrand Network Video Recorder (NVR) is the first video surveillance system in the world powered by the advanced technologies and security of the Gigastrand OS. Gigastrand NVR contains all the essentials you need for video security like live view, playback, motion detection, and support for up to 16 wired or wireless network connected cameras.

What makes this system truly unique (besides being based entirely on the Gigastrand platform) is this system can be installed 100% remotely.

That’s right. You plug it in, and our expert installers can install it for you over the Internet. No strangers in your home, no muddy boot prints, and no waiting around for service people.

The Gigastrand NVR also has a modular design that allows for nearly limitless upgrade options. 

Oh, and did we forget to mention this is the ONLY NVR in the world with a Lifetime Hardware Warranty

  • Quad-core processor

  • 250 Gb solid state hard drive
    • 50Gb for OS, 200Gb for video storage

    • Up to 90 days of video storage (depending on configuration)

    • Expandable up to 8000 Gb of video storage (2 Drive expansion bays)

  • 4 Gb DDR-3 1600 Memory (max 32Gb)

  • AMD Radeon HD graphics

  • PCI express expansion

  • 4x USB 3.0, 4x USB 2.0, 8x USB total

  • VGA, HDMI, and DVI connectors

  • 6 ch audio

  • Gigabit network card

  • Wireless keyboard and mouse

  • Modular design allows nearly unlimited upgrades.

  • Connects to nearly all USB and Network Cameras supporting MJPEG

  • USB Recovery Software
    • Gigastrand OS 3.0 with Gigastrand NVR 1.0 software

    • Free NVR 1.0 software updates

  • The only video surveillance recorder in the world that:
    • Is based on the stability and security of the Gigastrand OS

    • Can be fully installed with cameras over the Internet!

    • includes a Limited Lifetime Hardware Warranty!

    • Includes up to 4 hours of installation time FREE!

  • 90 Day labor warranty

  • Lifetime Upgrade Guarantee
    • This system will grow with your needs!

Gigastrand OS Network Video Recorder 16ch

Friday, February 5, 2016

Gigastrand Makes Security Software & Why You Should Care

Most of us have never really had to think much about video security. We often ignore the cameras at our work and where we shop. We glance briefly at a box store camera screen to catch a glimpse of ourselves on the monitor. Beyond that, we really don’t think too much about it.

In fact, most people don’t realize they need a video security system until something bad happens – which is the worst time to think about security. The damage is already done, and now you are dealing with insurance, repairs, and replacing your missing items.

There are 2 kinds of people who think about security a lot. The first kind are people who know they need it. The people who know they need it are not in a good situation or something has already happened that makes them think about how knowing what is going on when they are not around is probably a good thing.


The second is people who do it for a living. What we who do it for a living see too often is someone who has never had to think about video security before now scrambling to to figure out systems, options, and then having it installed. The end result is haphazardly piece-mealed together and often ineffective.

The other problem is that the people who really need it often can’t afford it and can’t install it. A system costing less than $1000 is a very cheap system in the security world, but is often out of reach for many people and often the price doesn’t include installation.

This is where Gigastrand NVR comes in. For as little as $50, you can buy the Gigastrand OS and the Gigastrand NVR software. That price even includes installation! We can remotely set it up on an old PC or laptop with a webcam and instantly you have a fully supported single camera NVR you can view from anywhere in the world with your PC, smartphone, or tablet.

If you need something a little more robust, you can pick up just about any Network camera and connect it to the NVR. Network cameras start at about $50 and you will soon be able to pick up a brand new system for $448 with a free starter camera, 30 days of support, and a Lifetime hardware warranty. Pre-orders will be available this weekend from the Gigastrand Store.


So, the Gigastrand NVR is probably the simplest and most affordable solution by making security possible for everyone.

Gigastrand Makes Security Software & Why You Should Care

Monday, February 1, 2016

Gigastrand Celebrates 10 years of Linux Advocacy

February 1st 2006, Gigastrand International* was founded. At the time, Linspire was the flagship operating system product, and Gigastrand’s mission was simply Linux advocacy through sales and support. That same month, Gigastrand attended the very last Desktop Linux Summit in San Diego.

Linspire logo

Linspire logo

Linspire folded in 2007. After looking at creating a Gigastrand distribution and evaluating several existing distributions (including a short-lived distro called Klikit) Linux Mint KDE became the new flagship OS.

From 2008 – 2011, Gigastrand simply existed while it tried and failed at several grand ideas. Some stuck, some didn’t. For those years Gigastrand survived off of the remnant sales of freespire and Linux Mint discs it sold online. Some Ebay and Zazzle sales helped pay for the website.

Then, in 2012, Gigastrand caught several breaks. Ventures into a short-lived wholesaling gig and PC servicing helped generate more revenue than in previous years. 

In September of 2012, founder Josh Tordsen rebooted Gigastrand and added services from his previous venture, Gigabytes Computer Store, which he had closed in May 2006. With a small $3000 initial investment, Gigastrand broke sales records year after year. Recently, December 2015, January 2016, and projected sales for February 2016 shatter all previous sales records for those months in the company’s history. 



Gigastrand OS Alpha .04

As a part of the reboot, Gigastrand reinvented its Linux advocacy plan by revisiting the idea of Gigastrand OS. It developed the Gigastrand OS into 1.0 and released it January 4th 2014. Six months later, July 14th, 2014, saw the release of Gigastrand OS 2.0 and September 1, 2015 Gigastrand released v3.0 – the first 64 bit version of the operating system.

The effort in developing the OS has been enormous but the results have been encouraging. Gigastrand OS set out to make Linux as easy as possible for everyone. The developers have taken over a decade of trying to convert people to Linux using various distros and incorporated what people want.

Gigastrand's Best selling PC

Gigastrand’s Best selling PC

The numbers are impressive as well. In the last half of 2015, 100% of new and used computers had Gigastrand OS on them. Since Gigastrand OS 1.0 was released, over 10,000 people have downloaded the operating system. In 2 years of new and used PC sales with Gigastrand OS we have seen a 98% adoption rate and a 0% attrition rate on new computers.

Gigastrand’s bread and butter continues to be technology management and security. It allows the company to focus on development of new solutions like the Gigastrand OS.


Gigastrand Network Video Recorder Software

What does the future hold for Gigastrand? According to founder Josh Tordsen, a lot.

“Our focus in 2016 will be software. A new version of the Gigastrand OS with more features is not out of the question before the end of 2016. More immediately, we are on schedule to release the Gigastrand NVR software for recording security cameras by the end of February then, in March, we will start porting some Windows software we own to Gigastrand OS.”

In short, Gigastrand continues its original mission of Linux advocacy while adding products and services to an ever-expanding technical portfolio. Gigastrand has had many ups and downs but it continues to move forward.





*In 2015 Gigastrand has dropped the “International” part of its name though some remnants of the old name can still be found.

Gigastrand Celebrates 10 years of Linux Advocacy