Thursday, January 30, 2014

Gigastrand OS: v1.1

Gigastrand released a minor update to the Gigastrand OS 1.0 January 29th. There are a few minor software updates and a few minor issues were addressed that did not make it into the initial release.

VLC and Crossover were updated the latest available versions specifically so end-users would not have to update the programs themselves.


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

PC or PoC: Tax Act

I know this is a bit of a plug, but now that we are in tax season, there is one tax site I have personally recommended for over 8 years: TaxAct. It is because the site has been and continues to be Linux-friendly.

I refuse to do my taxes on a Windows machine. Turbo Tax is nice, but when I have to have Internet Explorer just to access their site, it is not going to happen. Besides, despite a few inroads to make the it a little more cross-platform, Turbo Tax is far and away the most expensive software to use. For me, it would cost $74.99. I can e-file my taxes with TaxAct for $0 but I do pay $10 for some of the convenience features.

The Laptop I began using TaxAct on over 8 years ago.
If you can balance a checkbook, read and understand English at a grade-school level, you can file your own taxes. I have been doing it since I was 16. TaxAct makes it possible for me to do since my taxes get more complicated each year.


Monday, January 20, 2014

Gigastrand OS: 2.0?

Will there be a Gigastrand OS 2.0? The official word is more than likely.

Gigastrand has plans to develop Gigastrand OS through 4.0, however, a few things must fall into place before 2.0 can happen. 

If all goes well Gigastrand will begin development of 2.0 starting mid-2014 with plans to release later this year or early 2015.

In the meantime, look for new products based on the Gigastrand OS coming soon.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Gigastrand OS: A Note for Linux Gurus

A Note to Linux Gurus
Gigastrand OS is a Linux Distribution based on Debian Linux and the KDE Desktop. On the surface, it is not dissimilar to many of the other Linux distributions out there and, compared to other Linux distros, may seem slightly less than cutting edge.

Here is where it sets itself apart from other Linuxes you know and love. What we have done with this distro is simplified the interface; pre-installed some of the best and easiest to use software from both open and closed sources; developed a support system as easy to use as possible; and, to top it all off, integrated remote assistance software in such a way that it can be used PRIOR to actually installing the software.

Millions of PC users and businesses are stuck with an operating system that is inefficient, insecure, incompatible, and under-supported. There is not one person in the world that knows that better than you, the Linux Guru

This also means that, as good of a system as the Gigastrand OS is, it really isn't designed for you. You can use it - you may even like it - but the people who barely know what an operating system is, are the people that will benefit most.

We are using over 14 years of experience of trying to overcome the hurdles of transitioning folks to Linux and putting it into a single OS. We have made it as easy as possible to use and, failing that, will take that call to support those who use it - so you won't have to.

So use Gigastrand OS to help your friends and relatives make the switch to Linux. It will be as easy on you as it is on them.


Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Gigastrand OS: Resources page

Gigastrand Support Resources
The resources page is an ongoing project to provide easy access to support resources for the Gigastrand OS. Originally intended to be the backbone of the Gigastrand OS support system, this page contains all of the support information we have compiled for the various software included in the Gigastrand OS itself and the various repositories.

This page is being added to on an almost daily basis. As we hear about new software from sources like the Linux Foundation and other resources we add that software to the page. Our goal is to add or improve 1 entry per day on average.

Each entry has 2 links - one to the main page for the software and the other to a support or documentation page. These links have been verified by Gigastrand.

Software Support Key
Green is software that is fully supported by Gigastrand. Installation, upgrades, and use of the software is supported.

Blue is software included in the repository but is supported by Gigastrand for installation only. Configuration and use is not supported at this time.

Red is software that is usually found on the Internet and is generally regarded as safe, however, Gigastrand does not support any aspect of this software.

Unlisted software currently has no support.

Planned Improvements
Most of the software listed will soon have an icon and a Gigastrand support link included in the software title. This link will lead to a support page made by Gigastrand with videos, how-tos, and other support information.

Eventually, the resources page will become the primary support page in one form or another. Until then, look to this page as an evolving guide to the software available to the Gigastrand OS.


Friday, January 3, 2014

Gigastrand OS Download scheduled for tonight.

At midnight central time, January 14th 2014, the Gigastrand OS will be made available for free download. 

Some things you might want to know before you download:

The download comes with a 14 day trial of Codeweavers' Crossover. However, if you need the full version with 30 days of support, you can get it via e-mail for a $1 processing fee in the Gigastrand Store. This software is normally $39 from Codeweavers.

There are a few updates available. Namely VLC and Crossover. Both are available in the Gigastrand Software Repository. These updates didn't make it into the image before release.

If you need the latest version of Opera, we have included that in the repo as well.

A list of installed software and support links is available. Gigastrand OS Support Resources includes links to support sites for most of the software installed on the system. More is being added daily. On this page you can also see what is and is not supported. As a rule of thumb, pre-installed software is fully supported; repository software (not pre-installed) installation is supported (but not the use of the software itself); and anything else is not supported. Software listed as unsupported in resources is in testing to be added to the repository.

For the next few weeks, we will be working on the support site, documentation, and