Monday, May 6, 2013

Gigastrand OS: The new computer security

Once upon a time, viruses were all about screwing up a computer in the worst way possible.

Not anymore

The new game is about stealthily acquiring information. Phishing is one example of this type of strategy and users of any operating system can fall victim of this. This method, though effective, is a primitive way to gather information.

The new game is to place a piece of software on your computer to watch you and what you do, gather passwords, and do so in a way that does not make you suspicious or interfere with your PC. It happens all the time and it is incredibly easy in Windows. 

Which, to be perfectly honest, surprises the hell out of me. Since Windows 95, Microsoft has had 18 years of patching vulnerabilities in Windows software, yet, Windows 7 and 8 still have issues with malicious code circumventing Windows security. This is such an issue that the very term "Windows security" has itself become an oxymoron.

To be fair, Microsoft has not sat idly by and let vulnerabilities in their code go. They have made and issue patches on a daily basis. They are also stuck with the demon of maintaining backwards compatibility or their customers are outraged. While none of these things are easy,  Windows itself really does need a page 1 rewrite. Asking the user to make decisions about PC security or blocking things the user wants to do just doesn't cut it.

That is why I run Linux. I am not stuck with an OS that is outdated when some company decides it is nor do I worry about my PCs security. Linux puts the user in control of their own system - as it should be.

Now, Linux has its problems too - namely support. Lots of options, lots of security but not terribly friendly and not a lot of one-on-one support. Don't get me wrong, desktop Linux is very friendly when it comes to simply running native programs, however, when it comes to doing anything more complicated, it can be difficult to say the least - and this is coming from someone who is creating a Linux OS.

The bottom line is that Gigastrand OS is attempting to solve all of the issues with Linux. Because it is Linux, you already have a baseline security. Gigastrand OS goes further by addressing one-on-one support, ease of access, and compatibility. We hope that this OS will be Linux people will be able to switch to to fix the Windows vulnerabilities permanently.


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