Monday, January 11, 2016

Development begins on Gigastrand OS Video Surveillance

Gigastrand has begun development of a Linux based video surveillance using the Gigastrand OS as the base operating system. Gigastrand currently sells Windows based hybrid video solutions however, a Gigastrand OS solution has been intended since development began back in 2012. Gigastrand OS has been developed from the start with the intention of a video surveillance solution in mind.

Surveillance Video Recorders on the Gigastrand platform are projected to cost 25% – 50% less than the current systems. This is made possible, in part, due to the lower licensing costs associated with the Gigastrand OS.

The developers have already successfully tested 3 potential video security software solutions to pair with the Gigastrand OS. All have varying capabilities and interfaces but they all function properly in Gigastrand OS. Stability and feature testing will begin soon.

Testing will continue through January with a product release sometime in late February. A special video surveillance edition of the Gigastrand OS will be made available to purchase separately and will be pre-installed on Gigastrand Security systems.

Gigastrand Security

Gigastrand OS

Development begins on Gigastrand OS Video Surveillance

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