Thursday, June 2, 2016

Gigastrand OS 2.4 EOL and 3.2 Updates

Gigastrand just released updates to Gigastrand OS v2x and v3.x. These minor releases are Gigastrand OS v2.4 and v3.2 respectively.

The Gigastrand OS 2.x codebase is the current 32-bit version of the operating system based on Debian 7 and KDE. The Gigastrand OS 3.x codebase is the 64-bit version based on Debian 8 and KDE. Gigastrand OS v1.x, which is based on Debian 6 and KDE is no longer receiving updates from Gigastrand and is not currently in development.

These releases mainly include several hundred security updates apiece. A few minor fixes are included as well.

2.4 updates Chrome to nearly the latest available version before Google pulled the plug on 32-bit operating system support and disables the Apt Chrome repository.

3.2 includes a long overdue fix to the splash screen and includes the installation files for Gigastrand NVR 1.1 software.

2.4 will be the last planned minor revision to the 2.0 codebase.

Gigastrand is expected to make an announcement about Gigastrand OS 4.0 development next week.

Gigastrand OS is available from the online store.

Gigastrand OS 2.4 EOL and 3.2 Updates

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