Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Gigastrand OS 4.0 Development Postponed

Gigastrand OS 4.0 development has been postponed because Debian has not released a new stable codebase. We had figured Debian 9 would be the new stable release by now, but it hasn’t quite come to pass just yet. That is perfectly fine by us as we want to work with the best possible product.

We are going to instead redouble our development efforts on Gigastrand NVR. The big push now is to get a real-time live view. Ideally, we want to integrate it into the code, but it may take the form of a link off the main live view page for now.

While we haven’t announced anything about Gigastrand NVR 2.0 but it is definitely on our minds. Customers will likely see incremental changes to 1.0 while we develop features for 2.0.


Gigastrand OS 4.0 Development Postponed

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