Monday, January 14, 2013

Gigastrand OS: First real bug found / squashed

If I might show my inner nerd for a moment.

Or, well, again. Just like all my other blog posts I guess. Seeings as I blog about Linux and tech and the OS my company is building.

So, I needed to do some work at the office over the weekend. Not really wanting to work all that hard, I brought my Star Trek the animated series to the office and was going to play them on the server. I pop the disc in and...nothing.

Ok, may be the server. So I tried it in my laptop. Nothing.

I went through all sorts of players. Dragon Player, Mplayer, VLC, UMplayer. None of them worked.

Now some of my fellow Linux Geeks may have already solved this issue on their own Linux boxes. It really was not a huge issue, but Debian - for international legal concerns - has left out the library to play commercial DVDs.

This is where I found the libdvdcss to play DVDs and several other projects. It is now included in the Gigastrand OS.

Ok, so not really much of a bug but so far, we have not really seen many issues we can really call "bugs". This is more of a shout-out to VideoLan for providing a solution to this issue.

Yes. I really like Star Trek.


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