Monday, January 28, 2013

While you are talking, is Verizon listening?

As this is my blog, I would like to share something that doesn't have anything to do with Gigastrand at all.

I had a conversation recently with a friend via cell phone (like there is any other way anymore) and we both have Verizon for our phone service. He was telling me about a problem he would have to fix onsite and would have to reference information or files on the internet using their laptop but could not use the customer's Internet service.

"Why not just use the mobile hotspot service?" I asked.

"I haven't set it up," he replied.

"You don't need to set it up. It comes with your plan."

"Really? The guy at the Verizon store didn't tell me that!"

"Well, next time you just need to come to me and I will set the record straight."

Not 15 minutes after we hung up, a representative from Verizon called to inform him specifically about his hotspot service.

Now, the coincidence is undeniable. I know the technology exists to monitor calls for certain words and phrases but until this happened, I figured it was more of a government anti-terrorism thing not something for private enterprise to exploit.

I am used to seeing ads follow me around on Chrome and Google tracking my web searches but for some reason it makes me uncomfortable to know that there is a computer at Verizon listening to conversations on my phone.


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