Friday, December 13, 2013

Casual Fridays: Doctor 12

I remember the 4th Doctor Who as something that scared me as a child. When I was re-introduced to Doctor Who in 2005, I was hooked but had little interest in re-visiting old episodes.

When Dr 9 regenerated into David Tennant, I missed the Christmas Special and watched one episode of the second season and was done with Doctor Who for a few seasons. I later went back, caught up, and got to like Dr 10 very much.

When Dr 11 came along, I was prepared for the regeneration but was skeptical of the new actor. I was quickly converted and have enjoyed Matt Smith's Doctor.

Now that Dr 12 is coming, I am actually looking forward to it. The only problem I have with Doctor Who is the same reason I REALLY like Tom Baker's Doctor. Longevity.

I sincerely hope Peter Capaldi will have the will and the staying power to last more than a few years as the Doctor. As I have been indoctrinated in American Sci-fi, I am used to watching the same cache of actors for up to 7 years without much change. I would like to see that kind of staying power in Doctor Who. 


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