Monday, December 30, 2013

Gigastrand OS: v1.0 being prepped for shipment.

Gigastrand OS hardware-accelerated desktop
Development is complete, final testing is over, and Gigastrand OS v1.0 is being readied for shipment. Major hurdles have been overcome and feedback from the test market has been invaluable. 
Gigastrand OS Standard (non-accelerated) desktop
Flash player for Firefox has been fixed and it has taken the spot for the default browser in the release. Chrome is still available as a secondary browser. Updates have been installed and the issue with remote support has been resolved. 

Some notes on the Crossover software included in the Gigastrand OS:

  1. If you choose to download the OS, you will have a 14 day trial to try out Crossover. After that, you can request a full version with 30-days of support with a small processing fee from our store. 
  2. If you purchase a Gigastrand OS disc (either single disc or retail box), the full version of Crossover with the 30 day support is included.
  3. You will have the option of purchasing 1 Year of Crossover support by itself or bundled with a Gigastrand support package.
  4. The Crossover key is specific to the Gigastrand OS and cannot be transferred to other distros.
  5. The version in the release can be upgraded to Crossover 12.2.2 by going to the Gigastrand OS Repository.
Pre-orders will begin shipping as soon as January 1.


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