Monday, June 23, 2014

Gigastrand OS Release Dates Revised

Gigastrand OS is releasing a final bug-fix for 1.0 this week. Gigastrand OS 1.2 will remove Google Chrome and Chromium while adding auto-update capabilities to Firefox and Thunderbird. Some minor cosmetic changes and updates will also be a part of the package.

Gigastrand OS 2.0 is an upgrade to version 1.0. It uses a newer Debian base, Linux kernel, and KDE version. This version may not be compatible with some older systems, but has a fully-functioning version of Google Chrome, Choqok (for Twitter), and many other additions.

A previous blog post put the release for Gigastrand OS 2.0 as 07/01/2014. With the addition of the release of OS 1.2, Gigastrand has revised the release dates for Gigastrand OS as follows:

Gigastrand OS 1.2 retail boxes are shipping 06/25/2014
Gigastrand OS 2.0 pre-orders will ship this week. Estimated ship date: 06/25/2014
Gigastrand OS 1.2 ISO download will be available 07/01/2014
Gigastrand OS 2.0 ISO download will be available 07/14/2014

Gigastrand will continue to provide support for 1.0 users for the foreseeable future. Gigastrand OS 1.x has the ability to run on much older hardware than newer versions so it will continue to be supported for users of older PCs.


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