Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Gigastrand Wants to Give You a Computer...REALLY!

Gigastrand wants to give you a computer for FREE.

You read that right, Gigastrand wants to give you a refurbished PC pre-loaded with the Gigastrand OS 2.0. It includes a DVD drive, wireless keyboard and mouse, and other specifications selected at random.

This also includes 2 hours of Gigastrand Support to help you get it set up and answer any questions you may have as well as a 1 year hardware warranty.

What do you have to do?
1. Contact Gigastrand International via our contact form expressing that you are interested. (No phone calls for this as you might not be processed.)
2. Fill out the form. A link will be sent to you via e-mail.
3. You will be directed to a site where a $48 processing fee will be assessed to help defray the costs of the program. If a PC is not available, we will add you to a waiting list and you will not have to pay anything until one is available.
4. You can keep the PC as long as you run Gigastrand OS exclusively on it. You are allowed to run other OSes in Virtual box if necessary but the main OS should stay Gigastrand.
5. After 6 months you may opt out of the program by simply sending us an e-mail. The computer is yours to keep and do with as you wish from that point on.
6. Other details will be laid out in the form. 

We cannot guarantee the type, speed, brand or any other specification except the computer will be able to run the Gigastrand OS. 


Contact us and we will get you started right away!


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