Friday, September 30, 2016

Gigastrand Small Business Server

Gigastrand Small Business Servers provide essential services to the client PCs on your network. File and print services, web server, and other network services can be handled without the expense of purchasing additional modules or per seat access licenses. It is the secure and affordable solution for your small business needs.

  • Quad Core AMD Processor

  • 16Gb Memory

  • 120Gb solid state Main Drive

  • Continuous Backup (via mirrored RAID) Solid State (SSD) Storage

  • Gigabit network

  • 2u Rackmount case

  • Keyboard and mouse

  • No per seat license

  • Gigastrand OS 3

  • Gigastrand Lifetime Hardware Warranty

  • 1 year labor warranty

  • Lifetime Upgrade Guarantee


Gigastrand Small Business Server

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