Friday, September 9, 2016

Never looking back: Why customers stay with Gigastrand

Gigastrand OS measurable recidivism rates are less than 3%. Which means people tend to stick with Gigastrand OS. Obviously, we are very happy with those numbers but wanted to find out what it was that our customers liked so we could keep doing it.


When the idea for Gigastrand OS was revived back in 2012, we tried to explain it to the Linux community as a “transitional Linux distribution”. Something to ease people into the Linux and safer computing. We were pretty clear that while our goal was to make a very good, well-supported OS, the target market wasn’t people who were already running Linux.

Today, we have stayed the course. The whole point of Gigastrand OS is to make it as easy as possible for someone to move away from other systems.

Less Support Required

When we incorporated Gigastrand OS into our business, support was a top priority after developing the OS itself. What we discovered was that people rarely needed support after converting to Gigastrand OS.

The average user will only seek help every 3 to 6 months for computer problems. This was also true of some Gigastrand customers, however, the average per-incident support cost went from $60 down to $15. The reason for this was the problems are easier to fix and far less severe on Gigastrand OS as compared to Windows PCs.


When we took into account all of the other users who did not call into tech support, we found they were not having any issues. Users reported that there was no strange behavior, no slowdowns, no pop-ups, and whatever minor problem they did run into fixed itself after a restart – which they didn’t have to do very often.

Simple and Straightforward.

Gigastrand uses an older style menu that people have been using for decades. The main difference is that Gigastrand categorizes the programs instead of sticking them under a single subheading.

While most users admitted to only using a couple of programs, those that explored some of the other programs the OS has pre-installed said that they had no trouble finding and using them.


Users have reported being happy with the overall performance of the system, despite all of the pre-installed software that would normally bog down a system. Users with Gigastrand PCs, overall, felt the performance exceeded their expectations.

It does what users need and want it to do.

Gigastrand has worked very hard to do everything customers need and want it to do. Even on the rare occasion where it doesn’t do something the user wanted, that something is usually minor.


Even those who use Linux and try out new distributions regularly (sometimes known as “distro hoppers”) are impressed.

“It is a really good OS,” remarked one such individual. Though, then promptly explained that it wasn’t “technical” enough for him.

That’s ok, though. If people can recognize the quality of the product even if it isn’t specifically designed for them, we’ll take that.

Never looking back: Why customers stay with Gigastrand

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