Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Gigastrand OS: An Update

Gigastrand has developed the Gigastrand Operating System to the point where we can manually build the OS onto various devices. All of Gigastrand International's PCs and servers are currently running the Alpha.04 version.

We have run into what appears to be a compatibility wall with the OS. We have several Via Epia 1000 mini ITX PCs laying around and have not been able to get a successful load onto them, however Linux Mint Debian seems to work well. This is the first time we have seen the Gigastrand OS not work on a system when another does.

On what has worked:
  • Toshiba Satellite L505 Laptop
  • Uniwill Intel Centrino Laptop with 512mb RAM
  • AMD Athlon PC with 1Gb RAM
  • All new Gigastrand PCs and Laptops
We are still working on making an updated flash player work with the system, developing a repository, support systems, and an installer for BETA distribution. We have also secured along with other domains to begin building a separate website.

We have posted some items for sale in the
Join the Project section of the Gigastrand OS page to help us fund the Gigastrand OS project. You can also simply donate to the project. All proceeds raised go toward the Gigastrand OS development.

The great thing is, that donations and proceeds can be used immediately and do not cost as much as with Kickstarter.

I have been asked: "What exactly do you have to pay for?"  A part from the standard operating costs of running a business, here is a short list:
  • Software licenses. Some of the technology used in the development will be free for end-users but Gigastrand will have to foot the bill for it in the way of a flat fee.
  • R&D time. Developing an OS means solving problems. Solving problems takes time.
  • Development costs. Including developer resources (i.e. hardware / software), developer time (i.e. payroll), and tools (i.e. websites, host space, etc.). I will say that the nice thing about developing software in Linux is that 99% of the tools are free or low cost.
I should say that we are not simply remastersys-ing an existing OS. Much of what we want the OS to accomplish means some custom development. Fortunately, Linux is a nice environment to develop in which is why we do not need a quarter of a million to get this thing developed. $40,000 for an OS is incredibly low. Some applications require far more than that to bring them to market.

So, get involved! Feel free to
contact us, check out the OS page for updates, and Join the Project.

Gigastrand OS: Linux for Everyone

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