Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Roadmap: Blog Themes and Meanings

I have fielded several questions as to what some of the recurring themes are that seem to pop up now and again on my blog. The truth is that some of the recurring themes on this blog were not intentional. I did not plan to have different series of posts when I started out (though I knew I may be posting multiple times on a single topic at times) however, over the last few months, the blog has inadvertently taken on these themes all by itself. So, why not take a few minutes to define them.

The reason I am defining these themes now is that you can search the blog for a specific theme and it will pull up all of the posts for that series.

PC or PoC: Personal Computer or Piece of Crap started as a single post on I brought that post back, updated it, and it turned out to be one of the more popular posts I have done on this blog. I have since done 3 more (Gigastrand Laptop, Gigastrand Server Update, and Blackberry Curve 8330) and plan others in the future. So this blog theme will continue to be recurring character.

Gigastrand OS: If you have been following the progress on this it has thus far not been a runaway success. However, when Gigastrand decided to continue the project with or without the funding, the Gigastrand OS theme on this blog will continue to provide updates and a look behind the scenes during the development.

Rant: Not every rant has been labeled as such, however, this theme has made an appearance now and again.

Mr. Gigabytes Top 10: This theme has not been posted in a while and is probably due. This theme was more intentional than most with a way to get information out in a more digestible form.

Video Blog: This is a blog entry that contains video. 

So there you have it, all of the themes in this blog. Search for the specific theme you are following and it will pull up all of the posts in the series.


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