Monday, November 19, 2012

Mr G's Top 10: Milestone Linux Distros

I have used a lot of Linux Distros. Some have endeared themselves to me and allowed me to accomplish certain milestones. I was exposed to Linux for the first time in 1997 when a friend of mine showed me a program he was compiling on his PC in Linux. Since then, many distros have come and gone. These are my most memorable.

10. Corel Linux - I was able to install this on one PC of mine back in 1999. It was a KDE / Debian installation. It was where I first discovered desktop Linux and where I began my pursuit of Linux. I played GNUlactic Konquest for days.

9. Linspire 4.5 - The first Linux my first Laptop ran. This was pre-Gigastrand Laptop. It was an old Dell that barely ran Windows 2000. Linspire 4.5 ran very well on it and that prompted me to offer it to my customers.

8. Linspire 5 - Linspire 5.0 was an excellent OS and represented a time when Gigastrand was formed. 

7. freespire 2.0 - I ran freespire 2.0 longer than any other Linux OS. It was hard to move away from.

6. Ubuntu / Kubuntu - I do not use Ubuntu nor have I ever. However, Linux Mint is based on Ubuntu and both are great OSes.

5. Linux Mint 5 KDE - This was the distro that led me away from freespire and convinced me that Linux Mint was the new distro of choice for Gigastrand.

4. Linux Mint 7 KDE - Despite a few bugs, I ran this on my work PC for 4.5 years.

3. Zorin OS - I really like some of the ideas these guys have and have really given me a lot of food for thought.

2. Linux Mint 10 KDE - One of the best versions Linux Mint ever released. It ran better than Linux Mint 8, 9, 11, 12. It also allowed us to create the Gigastrand OS proof of concept.

1. Gigastrand OS - Really? You didn't see this coming? Ok, perhaps I do need to recuse myself a little here but I am running Alpha.04 and it does literally EVERYTHING I need it to do (except flash player which we are working on). This blows my mind every time I turn on my computer. An Alpha version of an OS that I built onto my computer actually works. You just can't beat that.


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