Monday, July 1, 2013

Gigastrand OS: Reboot


It has come to my attention that Debian Squeeze has been outmoded as of June 15th 2013. This is the base system for the Gigastrand OS.

How is that you might ask? Wheezy is now listed as the stable version and attempts to update Google Chrome have failed because it no longer supports earlier versions of Debian.

Now, everything else in the OS works just fine. I continue to use an older version of Chrome included in BETA 3 and that all still works OK. Attempts to upgrade have failed, however.

Gigastrand now has to decide which way to go. First off, we are halting development of the Gigastrand OS. Next, we are releasing BETA 3 as a finished prototype. While it is not a final product, it is a usable system and will be distributed like a finished product. We will continue usability testing with it.

So, where do we go from there? We will keep you posted. Until then we welcome your thoughts.


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