Wednesday, July 17, 2013

PC or PoC: Memory Misperceptions

Recent projects have me thinking more about memory. How much do you really need? 

Many will see this and say "as much as you can possibly get." For large servers there is a certain truth to this however, most people use nowhere near the amount of memory they think they do.

On a typical Windows machine, you will use about 1 - 1.5Gb on average. The Gigastrand OS laptop I am on currently is using 1.2Gb out of 3Gb with a few apps open. When I start up a Virtual Box, I will usually reserve 1Gb for the Virtual Box for the limited amount I do. However, for the best results, I should really have enough reserve memory to dedicate 2-4Gb.

To check your memory usage in Gigastrand OS, go to Go>System>System Monitor. In Windows open the Task Manager and click the Resources tab.

The point is that for modern OSes (even Windows XP) 2Gb is the minimum, 4Gb is sufficient for most tasks, and 8Gb if you are gaming. This will change in time and there are exceptions to this, but this should be a good rule of thumb.


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