Monday, August 19, 2013

Gigastrand OS: The development resumes...

After a regrouping, some time off, and a few minor purchases, Gigastrand is resuming development of the Gigastrand OS.

Previous attempts to build the base system in Virtual Box failed. So we decided to build with real systems. The prototype for the Game Box is reprising its role as the build system. Personally, I prefer to build on real hardware anyway.

Both the 32 bit and 64 bit base systems have been built on Debian 7. We had some minor hard drive issues with the 64 bit build - namely bad hard drives. We are re-purposing old DVR hard drives so encountering a few bad ones really was not a surprise.

Another issue we encountered was the demise of Remastersys. Remastersys was a one-man project that allowed us to create an installer for first release. The efforts of the maintainer is deeply appreciated here at Gigastrand and completely understand his decision to discontinue the development.

We have procured the source for Remastersys and will be continuing development of the Gigastrand OS with it.

We still need to raise money for development and will be starting a fundraiser on Indiegogo. We have also updated the Gigastrand Store and the Zazzle Store. Proceeds from the sale of Gigastrand OS products will go toward the development. 

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