Wednesday, August 21, 2013

PC or PoC: Gigastrand DVR

Gigastrand needed a demo unit for its security division. Using spare parts, we built one. 

Ok, the story doesn't end there. I found a $25 15 inch monitor that was light enough so it could be mounted on the side. I mounted it on a monitor arm so it could be moved and adjusted. I mounted a camera to the top and ran a power wire from the 12v connector inside the PC to power the camera. We originally had a rubber wireless keyboard and USB mouse attached but opted for a wireless desktop when it is sitting in the office. It runs Windows XP - really doesn't need anything else.

Hardware wise it runs a socket 775 Intel Dual-Core Pentium, about 1Gb RAM and a 500Gb Storage drive. It has a 4ch card in it running 3 cameras. Channel 3 is open to demonstrate connecting other video equipment to it. All 4 channels have audio and can be accessed from the Internet via PC, Android or iOS.

Gigastrand is using it to try and develop a version of the software for Linux as well. Right now our focus is on the Gigastrand OS so not a lot of progress is being made on that front.

For now, it runs the couple of cameras in the office and is used for demonstrations.


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