Wednesday, August 28, 2013

PC or POC: Update - Bedroom PC

What happens when you cross a Windows Media PC with Gigastrand OS? This:

Home Bench
A few months back I pulled my bedroom PC which was an old DVR I re-purposed to run Netflix, access Internet, etc. It sat in my office waiting for a plan to clean it up and give it a new life.

The problem was, that this PC HAD to run Netflix - something Gigastrand OS has yet to do. So eliminating the Windows XP partition was out of the question. I had the option of running XP in a Virtual Box in GsOS but that would require a complete re-installation of all the software and hours of setup. The end result might be less than stellar.

Running a Vbox is something I will try but to make things easier on myself for now, I simply resized the XP partition and made it a dual-boot machine - leaving enough room to add a Vbox later.

There really was not much to upgrade. It has a 250Gb hard drive with 500Gb storage drive (will use for digital media). I added a multimedia reader with USB so now it has an up front USB port. I am replacing the old wireless keyboard and mouse and putting the new receiver on a USB extension cable. 

I have not decided if I will be adding a wireless USB stick but I doubt it. I currently use a Linksys access point connected to the network port on the PC and my wireless network. It seems to work better than any wireless USB stick I could use.

Netflix is the bane of my existence. If it were up to me, I would just use Hulu and my cable provider's on-demand services. Netflix is the only service we use that won't run natively in Linux. 

We'll keep working on it.


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