Wednesday, April 10, 2013

PC or PoC: Linspire PC

This is a PC that should not be here and should not have a story. It does have a story and it is one of the more interesting stories I have of any of the PCs I have in my portfolio.

This PC was one of the last Linspire PCs we sold at Gigabytes Computer Store. It was a refurbished PC with Linspire 5.0. The exact specifications escape me.

This PC was sold - I cannot say to whom - and Gigabytes closed afterward. If that was all there was I would not write this.

Years later, I was shopping at a local computer store. I am a geek, it's what I do. I saw this case in a shop an purchased it for $10. It did not have a product key on it and it still had my brand sticker on it. 

I painted it black and built it into a demo / security DVR for a customer of my then employer. It ran without fault for 2 years.

When that customer went into a bigger DVR, I purchased it along with a bunch of surplus parts from my employer and put it into service as an entertainment PC for my master bedroom. That is where it resides today.

Now, a little disclaimer: Some of this story is a bit of extrapolation. I cannot be completely sure of the lineage of this PC for the simple fact that Gigabytes Computer Store used dozens of these cases over the years.

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