Monday, April 8, 2013

Gigastrand OS: BETA 3

Gigastrand OS BETA 3 will see some significant changes. We will attempt to tackle the larger bugs before we release and will finalize the software integration.

Now that we have the basics down, Gigastrand OS BETA 3 will branch into 3 versions: Free, Open, and Premium. 

Gigastrand OS Free branch will continue as before and will require no special registration to download. This version will be a direct decedent of the current BETA 2 and contain basic software and support.
  • Will be available only as a download
  • Will be available only in 32 bit
  • Will contain only free software
  • Will have basic support
OEM Notes: OEMs can freely use and distribute this software without registration provided that it does not violate laws in your country.

Gigastrand OS Open is a low cost version of the Gigastrand OS. It contains the premium software with basic support. The Open BETAs will be released to insiders only. The BETA 3 download will be announced on the Gigastrand forums in a special Insider forum.
  • Will be available in download or DVD
  • Will be available in 32 or 64 bit
  • Will include premium software
  • Will include basic support
32bit will be a variation of BETA 2 and a 64 bit version will be created.

OEM Notes: OEMs and VARs will need to register with Gigastrand to obtain an Open Distribution License (ODL). The license will be a one-time license for unlimited distribution.

Gigastrand OS Premium contains both the premium software and support. There will be no public BETA for this version as the software itself will be similar to the Open version. The distribution and support will be different.
  • Will be available on retail box DVD and loaded on Gigastrand PCs
  • Will be available in 32 and 64 bit (both DVDs in the box)
  • Will include premium software
  • Will include premium support
OEM NotesOEMs and VARs will need to register with Gigastrand to obtain an Premium Distribution License (PDL). The license itself is free for unlimited distribution but each instance of the software will need to be purchased. The software will be provided at a significant discount.

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