Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Gigastrand OS: BETA 3 Slightly delayed

It has been a fantastic April for Gigastrand and many changes are in the works. We are still short of our goal so while the BETA 3 Open is being delayed until June, we have made the decision to move forward on the development of the free edition (what is currently BETA 2).

On the free edition: BETA 3 will be RC1 for the Free Edition and will be delayed just a few days while we finish development. Tentatively, we plan to release by May 10th.

Why the delay? Apart from the lack of funds for the Open Edition, we have done and are doing several Technology Services projects. As a result, we are expanding our offices and staff to help compensate for that. In the midst of all this, we had 2 major snow and ice storms that delayed production during those weeks. As a result, the release is being delayed as well.

What's Next? We continue to develop the support systems. In May we are paying particular attention to video production and developing more articles. We are looking seriously into additional funding options. We are also expanding our office, holding a ribbon cutting in June, and producing a local mass media campaign. Busy days ahead!


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