Wednesday, April 17, 2013

PC or PoC: GsOS Min Req Machine

In the pursuit of testing for minimum requirements, Gigastrand has built one of the smallest machines it can to achieve that end. 

Built in one of the Mini-itx cases on hand, the Gigastrand OS Minimum Requirements Machine (MRM) is a test machine that does not work with the Gigastrand OS until you fiddle with it.

This machine is built on a VIA Epia-M motherboard with a C3-1000Mhz processor and 1Gb RAM. It does not work with the Gigastrand OS until you pop in a PCI Graphics card (this one has an EVGA GeForce video card in it).

It has a DVD Burner, an 8Gb Flash Module Hard Drive (we call it 2nd Generation SSD for reasons we will explain another time), and no SATA capabilities.

The issue we are having now is that the flash module hard drives we have been using are nearing EOL (End Of Life). They have a limited write cycle lifespan and these modules are pretty much at the end of that life. So, we load the Gigastrand OS on to a module, it works for a little while and then fails. We have about 8 of these modules left and they are not much use for anything else. 

We also have a standard 80Gb IDE hard drive and a first generation SSD (compact flash with IDE adapter) on standby but, for now, we will continue testing the flash modules until we find one that lasts more than a couple of reboots.

The other issue with this system is that it is UNGODLY SLOW. I would not want to sell this system to a customer even if the Gigastrand OS works on it.

We will be working on tweaking this system over the next few weeks and post updates here and there.


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