Friday, February 7, 2014

Casual Fridays: Support small business for free

Dear friends and family,

I am 100% positive that you know a small business owner. You probably know more than one. All of us small business owners are passionate about our work and do our best to make a living off that passion every day.

Promoting a small business is like standing in a valley shouting up to the people on the mountain hoping your message isn't just being heard by goats. But when we make a post about our business, it is not just an advertisement, we are letting you know what we are doing in our lives (not unlike the posts everyone makes) it's just a little more - well, business-y. 

So if you get a facebook post, tweet, or even e-mail about a small business - that you happen to know the owner personally - I would encourage you to like, share, or re-post it to your friends. It doesn't cost anything and the support is greatly appreciated.


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