Monday, February 17, 2014

Gigastrand OS: How much did 1.0 development cost?

Linux is free and those with the know-how can sit down and create a distribution without much effort. But have you ever wondered approximately how much a distribution like Gigastrand OS might cost to develop? We broke it down (figures are approximate).

Development time: $19,200
Promotion and ads: $10,750
Licenses and software: $2,000
Packaging and distribution: $1,060
Utilities: $7,200
Equipment: $4,800

1 year development total: $45,010

Last year, Gigastrand footed much of the bill for the Gigastrand OS development. The rest came from generous donations from people like you. $45,000 is cheap compared to the millions and billions spent on larger operating systems - and even the base OS and desktop environment for Gigastrand OS. 

Something to think about when downloading your next distribution.


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