Wednesday, February 19, 2014

PC or PoC: Gimmick Tech

If it isn't broken, don't fix it. This is pretty much the mantra of PC or PoC. 

Recently, a relative of mine has purchased a laptop/tablet convertible. The touchscreen failed inside of a week and she returned it, bought another laptop, and it failed after 3 weeks of an electrical fault.

I owned a convertible laptop with a 10" screen. Loved it. Not because it was a convertible, because it was the smallest laptop I have ever owned and was perfect for field work. It recently died when I tried to upgrade it.

The problem with convertible laptops is that they are gimmicks. When I used my convertible I rarely used it as a tablet. It was nice to fold the screen down and put it away, but when in tablet mode, it didn't magically start running Android. It still ran the OS it ran when I started the computer.

That means, even in tablet mode, it is still a laptop with a touchscreen. A device with a touchscreen is an amazing piece of tech, but a touchscreen is a compromise compared to a proper keyboard and mouse.

The experience of my relative reminds me of why I write this blog. You see, the tech industry - and in particular the computer industry - is obsessed with the next gimmick. Rather than focusing on proven, reliable technology, they push out the next gimmick to sell - ready or not.

Gigastrand has never been about the next gimmick. Our customers want reliable tech that works and works well. That is what we will continue to provide.


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