Thursday, October 18, 2012

Gigastrand now running Gigastrand OS

After a few days of loading and configuration, Gigastrand International is now running the Gigastrand OS Alpha on about 66% of its systems.

The Gigastrand OS Alpha still does not install successfully, however, we have been able to custom-build the OS on various machines.

Our server is next and will be updated this weekend. It has been running Linux Mint Debian since its resurrection and has served us at about 95% of what we need and want it to do. With this update to the Gigastrand OS we hope to realize 100%.

Using this method, we may be able to realize a stable OEM solution before the OS is fully developed. So, we are currently looking into the possibilities, potential, and risks associated with providing a pre-loaded, customized version of the Gigastrand OS on Gigastrand PCs.


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