Friday, October 12, 2012

Gigastrand OS: Linux for your business - and your mom!

The Gigastrand OS will be the the first Linux OS purpose-built for assisting users in transitioning away from other systems. It will incorporate cross-platform compatibility technologies as well as advanced user assistance and support systems.

This project is centered around the end-user. It is being developed with business users in mind, but the technologies and support systems will make it so friendly that you can give it to your mother and she will be able to use it. The Gigastrand OS all about increasing the odds that businesses and individuals will run Linux full-time.

Alpha testing has already begun and a BETA is planned for release in early January. A 6-month testing cycle is planned before the June 2013 release date. Gigastrand will ship 2 versions: a low cost Open Version based on free software that will be distributed through Linux4Everyone; and a Premium Version that will be available as a retail product and pre-installed on Gigastrand PCs and Laptops.

We want to provide as much software and support for the user as we can right out of the box. For anything else users want to do, we will make sure the process is well-documented and assistance is readily available. The system has to be as self-supporting as we can make it.

The self-supporting features of this OS combined with Gigastrand's Lifetime Warranty PCs have made for some impressive cost-savings projections for small businesses. Gigastrand recently ran a 10 year operating cost projection of a 10 user, 1 Server environment for Windows, Linux, and Gigastrand OS.

The projection was a show-stopper. The cost saving of Linux over Windows was close to $300,000. The cost savings on the Gigastrand environment with the same variables was more than double that at $670,000. It was unbelievable. We ran the numbers several more times and came out with the same figures.

More information is available from Gigastrand ( and Kickstarter websites.

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