Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Gigastrand OS Plan

Making a Linux distro is great and all, but your average user barely knows what Linux is, let alone why they should switch. Understandable.

Most of you Linux folks out there are fully baptized in the church of Linux, but really do not see what a commercial distro with built-in Windows compatibility would really do for them. Fair enough.

So, we talk numbers - and yes, we have done the math. Individually, the savings are not huge, but the benefits are tremendous. Businesses, however, the savings are much more impressive. They get even more impressive when we take into account the support systems and technology behind the Gigastrand OS.

We did an evaluation over 10 years and compared the costs associated with running in a 10-user Windows environment with a single server.  We took into account every variable we could including Licensing, hardware failures, downtime, upgrades, etc. We published the results on a promotional flyer and will be handing it out to a large group of people very soon.
How to Save your Business Over Half a Million Dollars on Technology over 10 years

Imagine your average small business with 10 PCs and 1 server. Now, let's examine the average expenditures to operate this equipment over 10 years.

With a Windows environment, the average expenditure to operate in this environment (including upgrades, downtime, and support) is approximately:


With a Linux environment taking into account the same variables the cost of operating the same environment is approximately:


That is a significant savings ($296,333 to be exact) but not really much of a secret. Many companies know about the savings of running Linux.

Now, let's shake things up a bit and assume that the PCs and Server are scalable and upgradeable Gigastrand Lifetime Warranty PCs running the Gigastrand Operating System. Operating this environment will cost approximately:


That is a massive savings of $670,085 over a comparable Windows environment!

We have all of these systems in place except the one that makes this all possible: The Gigastrand OS. It is currently being developed right here in Sioux Falls but we need to raise the money required to complete the software. So head on over to our Kickstarter page and pledge your support to make this a reality!

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