Monday, February 4, 2013

Gigastrand Turns 7

Gigastrand turns 7 years old this month and I thought I would celebrate by telling some little known stories about the founding of the company.

On February 1st 2006, Gigastrand International was was founded by Gigabytes Computer Store owner Josh Tordsen and Silver Strand solutions president Patrick Green. While Patrick is no longer with Gigastrand, he has left his mark on the company and his contributions are still honored today.

Gigastrand International started as then and continued the commitment to Linux and its users those two sites began.

When trying to decide on the name, it was decided that we would simply try to put the two company names together and see what people thought (Gigabytes - Silver Strand). One person pointed out that in Dutch (and a few other languages) giga strand approximately meant big beach. The name stuck.

In fact in the Epic of Mr. Gigabytes (will be posted later) referred to this in one of the stanzas.

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