Friday, February 1, 2013

The Epic of Mr. Gigabytes

This was shared on Facebook and others and was the result of a bout of of insomnia and a sudden burst of creativity

I was once a Windows user
I lived in a world of woe
My computer never worked quite right
My expectations were very low.

So I bought a pearl white apple
A lot of money I did spend.
My pricey friend worked well enough
Provided I did not bend.

My happiness soon abated.
For when I took it all apart
On the inside I found a lowly PC
Beating at its heart.

Frustrated and fleeced,
I was highly disillusioned,
I thought there surely must be more than
These imperfect solutions.

That is when I saw him
Dressed in a dapper black and white
Though this cuddly penguin I did not know 
I knew things would be alright.

“Come with me,” he said
As he reached out with his wing
“I can show you a place where affordable
computing can give you everything.”

So he took me to a place that seemed
A beach full of palm trees and sand
Though it was but a simple computer
That he placed into my hand.

I was confused and bit afraid
As I began to try it out
To my amazement I found something new
What was this all about?

“This is Linux,” my friend began
“A system for everyone
And this is the land of Gigastrand
Their computers are second to none.”

The penguin's point rang true and wise
So I took Linux home with me.
Now when I go to my happy place,
I turn on my PC.

-Mr. Gigabytes  ©2012

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