Monday, June 24, 2013

Gigastrand: Captures a Vandal

I have lived in many places in my life and have had things happen to me that I REALLY wish I had a camera recording the event. I am sure many reading this have known such situations.

Because of this, when I bought my house, I always intended to install cameras to keep an eye on the place. So I did. Outside, inside, wherever I could. I have never regretted the decision.

Anyone who has ever had a parked car vandalized knows how frustrating it is to come out in the morning and see the damage. Without witnesses there is precious little the police can do.

With the camera system I designed and built, we caught the person who threw a rock through the window of our van. He has been arrested and will be charged with (among other things) vandalism of private property. 

Without the cameras, we could never have proven he did it and would not have a shot at restitution (not that we are holding our breath for it).

It is no coincidence that I am a big proponent of video home surveillance. The things that I have caught with my system make for interesting stories.

I may tell you those some other time.


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