Wednesday, June 12, 2013

PC or PoC: Trek Jazz Latitude

During our break, I have been getting ready and going for progressively longer bike rides in an effort to get into shape. My ride of choice is my Trek Jazz Latitude.

I have owned this bicycle for about 20 years. I have added every accessory on this bike from the water bottle cages to the Interchange pack to the lock. Until this year, I have not replaced a single item on this bicycle. For 20 years this bike has been original.

I have also tried to remain faithful when it comes to choosing accessories. I have tried to choose Trek brand whenever possible. The bike rack, pack, and cycle computer are all Trek.

Until just a month ago, I hadn't changed tires on the bike. I swapped them with my wife's Roadmaster tires which I bought new when I repaired the bike. They are Bontrager road tires the same size as my mountain bike tires. These tires have less rolling friction allowing me to ride easier and with less effort. This also makes the bike a bit of a crossbike.

I have recently replaced the brake pads as the old ones were making a spectacular noise.

This bike has been getting less and less comfortable to ride as I have aged. In an attempt to make it more comfortable, I have adjusted the seat and put on a gel cushion. That all helped a little, but I have resigned myself to the fact that what would make this more comfortable is to be able to ride more upright. 

I haven't decided on a course of action at this point but it centers around either modifying the handlebars in some way or replacing them outright. I only need a few inches up and back to ride in comfort so we will see how this progresses.

In the way of upgrades - well not a lot, really. I plan to find a nice bright headlight to ride in the dark but apart from that, that is about it.


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