Monday, June 17, 2013

Gigastrand on Privacy

With all the talk on privacy lately, I find myself going back to Gigastrand's privacy statement.

The problem is that I can't. It is not stated on the Gigastrand website. It has been stated in various forms on certain legal documents etc but has never been stated by itself on our website.

As this blog is on the website, I aim to correct that oversight.

Gigastrand's privacy policy is:

Gigastrand International will not willfully sell, disclose or distribute customer's personal information to any party not directly affiliated with Gigastrand International.

Your information is considered internal information and we take steps to guard that information closely. 

A more elaborate version of this privacy policy will soon be available on the About Us page of the website soon but it will be short and to the point. We don't need 64 pages of gobbledygook for our privacy policy. We just don't share your info with anyone. 'Nuff said.


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