Friday, December 14, 2012

Gigastrand OS: Chrome Browser to be Included

Gigastrand International announced today that they plan to include the Google Chrome web browser in the Gigastrand OS. This will add Chromebook-like functionality to the Gigastrand OS when used in conjunction with Google cloud-based services like Google Drive, Gmail, and YouTube.

At this point it is unclear as to whether Chrome will be the default web browser on the OS or if it will be installed alongside Firefox, the OS's current default web browser, so that Chrome will be available to users that wish to use it.

"We are certainly having fewer issues with Chrome than we are with Firefox," explains Gigastrand CEO Josh Tordsen. "From a compatibility standpoint, Firefox has the edge. From a functionality standpoint, Chrome has the edge. We are not sure which should be the default browser so we are currently listening to the community and running various compatibility tests."

A default browser decision may not be made until early February. Until then, Gigastrand is taking feedback from the community.


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  1. One issue with chrome found: Ebay listings do not work as well with Chrome.

    MR GB