Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Gigastrand OS: New Logo Video Announcement

The Gigastrand OS has a new logo inspired by the "Globe desktop" screenshot from Alphas .02-.04. It has been observed that the 2 parts of the Gigastrand "G" logo look a bit like parts of the globe - either North and South America or Eurasia and Australia. The blue parts of the new logo also form an OS. The font was changed for the "Gigastrand OS" Label. 

For no real reason whatsoever, we also created a short 15 second video demonstrating this inspiration. 

Shortly, we will have the new logo desktop wallpaper uploaded to the Gigastrand Operating System site. You will see new graphical components for upcoming screenshots as well. The "GO" (Start, Launch, Menu or whatever you want to call it) button will also change in the next set of screenshots.


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