Monday, December 10, 2012

What Gigastrand is working on: A leak from the founder

Gigastrand is working on several projects through the first of the year. I figured rather than surprising folks when the projects are released, I would just tell you what we are doing.

1. Gigastrand OS. We are attempting to get an installer and flash player working by December 15th. If we can do that, we can meet the deadline for beta release on January 1st. If not, we may have to delay the BETA program while we build a custom installer.

2. LOTS of website changes. We are currently testing new site designs to be released by year end. We have several goals in mind in regards to the website changes.
  • More modern look. I like the design of our website and how consistent the look is across the many sections, but I feel it lacks a few modern touches that many other sites have. We will also be improving the flow of the site considerably.
  • Ease of use. We are looking into content managers to improve function and useability on both the front and back end.
  • Refocusing key areas. Support is a big one. I want to see a consolidation of support on the Gigastrand site. Right now, each section has its own store and its own support area.
  • Landing page simplification. Each division should have a share of the main page. As it is, the bulk of the main page goes to the top story and the other divisions simply have a link in the menu.
3. Removing the Windows Tax on Laptops. Gigastrand is making a concerted effort to remove or mitigate the Windows license on its laptops and lower its prices. This has been a giant pain for me personally on a number of levels. More on that in an upcoming blog.

4. Development of the Gigastrand OS support systems is commencing. You will start to see some of the systems around the the new year - even if the OS development is delayed.

5. New Gigastrand OS Videos. Around the first of the year the Gigastrand YouTube channel will have new OS promo videos. Later on, we are planning How-to videos.

6. New tablet offerings. Gigastrand is working on new Gigastrand P.A.D.D.s to go on sale early next year. Look for a sale on the current tablets soon.

7. Expanding our Zazzle store. We have already added new products to both the Linux4Everyone and Gigastrand Stores. More to come!

Well, that is about all I am going to be allowed to tell you about. We will be making regular blog posts through the end of the year and will keep you updated on all the Gigastrand news.


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