Monday, December 17, 2012

Gigastrand to remove "Windows Tax" from laptops.

Gigastrand has been selling Linux PCs and laptops for nearly 7 years. While our customers never pay for the Windows license on our PCs, our laptops have often been a challenge.  

Paying the "Windows Tax" is not just less than ideal, but completely ridiculous for someone who wants a machine purely Linux. Having the Windows licence for those who dual-boot or run a Windows virtual machine is beneficial.


"Every time you buy a computer that bundles a Windows license just to save a few bucks over buying a Linux machine, you're shooting yourself in the foot. It doesn't matter that you blow Windows away and install Linux-- it still counts as a Windows sale, which reinforces your vendor's belief that they need Windows users and can safely ignore Linux users. It sends money to Redmond. It rewards all the junkware, adware, and spyware vendors that load their garbage on Windows PCs. And it cements the anti-competitive status quo more firmly."

Gigastrand is taking action by eliminating or mitigating the "Windows Tax" from its laptops. This will lower the price of each laptop and the option of Windows will now be an add-on.

Look for these changes soon.


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