Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Gigastrand OS: Mr. Gigabytes Desktop

The Gigastrand OS has been evolving. We have redesigned some graphics, installed new software, and have been working on some bugs. My desktop is probably the most customized of all the installations we have here at Gigastrand. I have 2 laptops I use for Gigastrand - one for home and one at the office. Both have the Gigastrand OS on them. The above screenshot is the more powerful office laptop. I have done everything from this one. Editing videos, creating documents, developing the Gigastrand site, writing this blog, bookkeeping, and - naturally - this screenshot.

What we have done so far I equate to dipping our toes into the water as far as development is concerned. We started with a proven system, customized it, and now we have a good base to add the more complex items to. 

As one person put it: "You've got a good system here. Now its time to eff it up and see what it can do."


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