Monday, March 4, 2013

Gigastrand OS: Making Progress

Gigastrand is moving forward with Gigastrand OS development this week. We are building a new test system, moving forward with the installer, and testing new software with the system. We will also be moving forward with support system development.

Its going to be a busy week, so we had better get to work.


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  1. Got the Gigastrand server upgraded today (will be in a special edition of PC or PoC later this week). Put in new core (mobo, processor, memory) and the first one did not work. Pulled an identical core from a working refurb and it worked great.

    Added a USB 3.0 card, the PCIe card from my brother (which is the exact same card that was in the server originally only in AGP form), and replaced the bad active heatsink on the new card with the active heatsink on the old card.

    I was able to combine the test system with the main server using removable racks. Parts for a second test system have yet to arrive, however, I spent most of the day on this project and mounting a small monitor on a demo system.