Wednesday, March 13, 2013

PC or PoC: Blackberry 8330 Update

I have once again been forced into the the blackberry that doesn't die. So I have reconfigured things to make t do a bit more than before.

I had installed facebook and twitter apps but in order to get a little more out of the phone and to make it perform a bit better, I uninstalled both and freed up 12mb of memory. I use the mobile versions in Opera instead. 

The downside of this is that I do not get the notifications on the phone. Did I say downside? I still get the e-mail notifications but now I no longer have to put up with the extra notifications from the apps. The Twitter app stopped notifying some time ago.

Getting rid of those 2 apps allowed me to play around with a few additional apps that overcame  some f the Blackberry's shortcomings.

Like the most annoying: the Phone log. It does not allow for more than a few days of call logs. Fortunately there is a call logger app that overcomes this. I was able to view over a month of calls with this app.

I also wanted a Weather app. There are many good options - for Blackberrys that have much more storage. I had Accuweather via Opera but fortunately I found a decent app called Instant Weather Light. At only 41Kb it is not very sophisticated or polished, but it gets the job done.

This is an old phone but it used to be popular. So there is still quite a few accessories for this phone. I don't mean on the Internet either. I am talking at your local Radio Shack - and CHEAP. I have been able to get several cases for $0.97. Not just the little plastic things either. I have bought 3 rubberized Body Glove cases with belt clip and stand for that same $0.97. has been stripped down a bit but still has the apps I use most. get me a screen for my Stratosphere.


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