Wednesday, March 20, 2013

PC or PoC: Requiem - Original Gigastrand Laptop

Today we say goodbye to a faithful friend: The original Gigastrand Laptop. It has served faithfully and reliably since being converted to Linux over 8 years ago.

It has done everything it has been asked and more. On one memorable occasion it performed admirably when the main hard drive failed at the last minute before a trip to Chicago. Running a Linspire live CD in lieu of a hard drive, it allowed me to conduct business and stay in contact despite the lack of a hard drive.

A final hard drive failure took this laptop before its time but was due to retire this year. This laptop will be given a place of honor in Gigastrand's computer archive.


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  1. To be completely accurate, the IDE controller went out so it no longer recognizes either the DVD or Hard Drive.