Friday, March 8, 2013

PC or PoC: Update - Gigastrand Server

Got the Gigastrand server upgraded this week. The goal was to combine several systems into one. The test system + the Gigastrand Server + my laptop replacement. 

Put in new core (mobo, processor, memory) and the first one did not work. Pulled an identical core from a working refurb and it worked great. The old server core was a PC-Chips motherboard with an AMD Duron processor. The new core is a Gigabyte mainboard with an Intel dual-core Pentium. I have another 2GB of memory to add but for now I am content with the 1GB from the replacement core.

Added a USB 3.0 PCI Express card, an upgraded DVD burner from the test system, and the SATA hot-swap bay from the test system as well. It now has both IDE and SATA removable hard drive bays. 

I added the PCIe card I got from my brother - which happens to be the exact same card as the server had before the upgrade. I replaced the bad active heat sink on the new card with the active heat sink from the old card. 

Once the system was built is where the Gigastrand OS came into its own. With a Windows system, a major hardware change like this would have required a reload of the OS before it will work properly. With no modification of the software, the Gigastrand OS didn't even bat an eye.

This is really nothing new. Linux has done this many times before. I have even posted about this in the old Linspire forums when I upgraded a similar PC at Gigabytes Computer Store.

So there you have it. It took most of the day Monday to get the hardware right but when I did, it was done.


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