Thursday, September 27, 2012

Developing OS Bandwidth Intensive...apparently

So, as of this post, the Gigastrand Kickstarter Project has about $26 pledged to it with about 3 weeks to go.

This morning I get an alert about how we have used 3.5Gb of our 6Gb allowance from Verizon. Holy cow! We have only been at this for a week. Sometimes we do not use that in a month!

Apparently, developing an OS is bandwidth intensive. Downloading the base systems and various test distros have been done at my home so that hasn't been a factor. All of the videos we have created are the same story.

We are getting ready to build Gigastrand OS Alpha.02 which will actually be built on the real base system (Debian / KDE). Because of bandwidth issues, we will be packing up the PC we are building it on and heading out to a less bandwidth-restrictive environment. 

Namely, my home. I think Verizon may need to rethink the whole share everything plan or perhaps we do.


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