Wednesday, September 26, 2012

How MR. G switched to Linux

I made the switch to full-time desktop Linux during the time desktop Linux was still evolving. While it is much easier to make the switch now, the process and the level of commitment is generally the same.

Step 1. Figure out what software you use.
Step 2. Find Open Source and cross-platform alternatives to said software
Step 3. Use the open source alternatives in your current OS
Step 4. Find a Distro
Step 5. Install the software you use on the distro.
Step 6. Use Linux!

Now, that is all fine and dandy, but that is six steps - which is about 3 more than most people are willing to invest in. What if it went more like this:

Step 1: Install Gigastrand OS
Step 2: Install the software you use
Step 3: Run Linux!

Wow. That saved, like, 50% of the steps I required to switch to Linux.That is what the Gigastrand OS is hoping to accomplish. Technology really is making our lives easier!

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