Friday, September 7, 2012

Welcome to Mr.Gigabyte's Blog

Hello All, and welcome to Mr. Gigabyte's Blog!

For many years now, I have been wanting to share ideas and insights I have had in technology, Gigastrand and the Linux world but just never really had the time or opportunity to do so. I have tried several outlets but none of them were quite the right solution. Yet, for reasons I will not bore you with by listing, I have avoided blogging and social media.

Back in 2006, when I first formed Gigastrand, I had a fairly well-known site called LinspireNetwork (changed to GigabytesNetwork just before the formation of Gigastrand). In those days, you put up a website, be active and help some people in the forums, and you could do fairly well. In searches for Linspire, we were #2. Not long after that, things changed.

When Linspire collapsed in 2006, Gigastrand was left in a lurch. We looked for alternatives and found Linux Mint.

The only problem was, the rules had changed. Both online and for me personally. I needed time I did not have to learn the new rules.

My social media journey begins.
I joined Facebook a few years ago first to keep in touch with family and friends. I then added the Gigastrand and Linux4Everyone pages accompanied by ads for each to promote them on Facebook and have been met with relative success.

Google+ was next and it seemed a little complicated at first but I liked how structured it was over Facebook. It seems more well thought out.

Next was Twitter. From the outside, it appeared to be limited and juvenile but once I signed up, it was a completely different world. For its application, it is very well-suited and I use it as a sort of news aggregator. I can quickly scan the headlines of the people and businesses I follow and can decide rapidly whether it is worth my time or effort to read. If I really like it, I retweet it to my followers and it automatically posts to facebook from the Linux4Everyone account. I am a convert.

Finally, this blog.
Because I have full control over the Gigastrand website, there are a number of things I could have done to carve out a niche on the Gigastrand site for a blog or blog-like entity. The bottom line was I was after speed and portability. Most everything had either one or the other but not both. So here we are.

What to expect...
For the first week or so, I am going to put an emphasis on content. I will rewrite some old things, post some new things that have been pending for a while. So there will be a bit of content posted rather quickly.

From then on, new posts will be seen every Monday. If I have some new idea or thought that just can't wait until next Monday, I will post it right away - and not all of it will be Linux-related.

So, until later, Enjoy!


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