Monday, September 10, 2012

Linux Perfect for Tough Times (Redux)

Gigastrand had this article on its front page for several years. I wanted to bring it out again and rewrite it a little to fit current events. I know it is a bit AD-like but the message still rings true.

We all know when times are tough we want to find ways of saving money. Gigastrand is no exception as we have continued to thrive and flourish through times that were far less than ideal. This is due primarily to responsible business practices and, to a significant degree, our policy of running a 100% Microsoft and iOS -free business.

Linux is an affordable and powerful alternative to Microsoft Windowstm.  It will run on your current PC and even extends the useful life of older PCs. Linux includes all of the software you need to surf the Internet, E-mail, chat, play game sites like Pogotm, watch free TV shows and movies on Hulutm, and so much more.

At as little as $1 per CD it is affordable to make the switch from the often problematic woes of Windowstm and related software. The versions of the Linux operating system Gigastrand sells (specifically LinuxMint) have passed our strict ease of use standards. This ensures the transition to Linux will be as easy as possible. LinuxMint comes pre-loaded with many software applications - some of which you may have used on your Windows PC. Most notable is the popular Firefox browser and is a powerful, full-version Microsoft Officetm compatible office suite. It will open, edit and save your Microsoft Wordtm, Exceltm, and Power Pointtm documents. You can use it to update your resume, make a household budget, or revise a sales presentation. It also includes other powerful programs like Draw for making publications, charts, and diagrams; and Base for creating database files. When you add up the value of all the software already included with our $1 Linux4Everyone CDs, you could easily spend hundreds of dollars on comparable Microsofttm or Apple software. It is easy to see why being 100% Microsoft and iOS free gives Gigastrand an advantage even in these tough times.

So visit the Gigastrand Online Store and try Linux. It is one of those sound financial decisions that won't require bailout money.

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